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Three Possible Debt Solutions For You

Debt Help

For debts of £1,500 and over

Debt Help allows you to pay one affordable monthly payment for all of your unsecured bank loans, credit card repayments and your other debts.

Firstly the hassle of dealing with your paperwork and and day-to-day dealings with your creditors is taken away. Secondly, our selected debt partners will look to negotiate the freezing of charges and interest on your accounts to help stop your debts increasing.

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For those nearly or already Bankrupt

If you, or someone you know, is facing Bankruptcy, it is important to know that there are a number of realistic alternatives instead of declaring Bankruptcy.

The Debt Advice Online Debt Advice Online was set up to deal specifically with cases of serious debt that require immediate expert help. Advise is given both on avoiding declaring Bankruptcy and also how to go through the whole bankruptcy process.

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Individual Voluntary Arrangements
for debts over £7,000

We can explain how an IVA works and see if your debt qualify for an IVA. Debts that qualify for an IVA can be cleared in a set time period (usually 5 to 6 years).

An IVA is a legal process by which you can gain protection from your unsecured creditors by entering into a legally binding repayment agreement with them, which is then supervised by a licensed insolvency practitioner.

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